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On Track With Discovery

A Pure Gold Explorer

• 701 quartz claims (146 square kilometers).Staked March 2017.
• Contiguous with K2 Gold Corp’s Flume property that was recently optioned (March 6th ) off Commander Resources Ltd.
• K2 further staked 7,000 hectares adding onto the flume property to the NW.
• Contiguous with White Gold Corps Dime property and its 1 million dollar budget for the 2017 exploration season on Money Zone claims (DIME, and 3 other claim blocks). The company recently reported (April 27, 2017) an Au soil anomaly expansion to the south east (on trend and adjacent to the KR block). Soil sample up to 919 ppb Au.
• No Royalty Burden

• Head waters of 10 mile and Sestak Creek, both current and historic placer producing creeks.
• 70 km south of Dawson City
• Airstrip is located on the property.
• Barge Access via Yukon River.
• Several placer exploration roads throughout the property.

• Situated at the headwaters of 20 mile, 10 mile and Sestak Creeks that are all well-known placer gold producing creeks.
• Property is drained by highly anomalous Au (up to 98th percentile) Regional government stream sediment samples.
• No glaciation in the area (< 1 m of overburden over bedrock) so soil sampling is a very effective way to outline perspective areas for detailed exploration efforts.
• The property is underlain by mid Cretaceous to Jurassic granite to monzodiorite plutons cutting Proterozoic – Paleozoic metamorphic basement rocks. Au – As mineralization is observed in pyrite zones both in faulted (E – W) sections of the intrusion as well as at the peripherals of the intrusion near the contact with the metamorphic basement rocks.
• King’s Ransom property covers the south – eastern half of the large intrusive body that hosts all the other showings in the area and is cut by a series of E-W creeks, including Sestak creek (placer gold bearing), that represent an inferred fault and therefor represents a priority exploration target.
• The northern half of the of the property is fully surrounded and contiguous with anomalous Au-As soil geochemistry outlined on K2’s Flume Property and White Gold Corp’s Dime Property (Soil Au up to 6.01 g/t). The anomalies remain open towards the south and into the Kings Ransom property.
• Furthermore, regional scale magnetic anomaly is coincident with a historic Au, Bi, Te, & Pb soil anomaly (PREMO claims) exist on the block and may represent a hornfelsed area. Limited isolated reconnaissance soil sampling in 2000 returned values up to 132 ppb Au and 87 ppm As.
• Isolated soil sampling by Prospector International in 1996 discovered a 126 ppb Au soil anomaly in the south central part of the KR block. This is a high priority exploration target for 2017.
• The Galena Creek showing contains sheeted quartz veins and stringers with pyrite and galena cutting quartz monzonite (grab samples up to 5.36 g/t Au). This is located only 150 m from the northern boundary of the property.
• The exploration target model is a structurally controlled intrusion related gold deposit similar to Gold Corp’s Coffee Gold deposit.
• There has been significant exploration in the area since 1998 with the first discovery in 2000 by Teck Cominco and Phelps Dodge.
• Contiguous with K2 Gold Corps Flume property
• 10 X 2 km Au – As soil anomaly with Au values up to 0.76 g/t Au
• Drilling intercepts of 11.05 g/t Au over 1m.
• Contiguous with White Gold Corp
• Soil samples up to 6.01 g/t Au.
• Trenching intercepts of 1.01 g/t Au over 20m
• Drilling intercepts of 8.32 g/t Au over 1.45 m
• Contiguous with Bernie Kreft Claim block
• Galena Creek showing (2000 – Teck)
• < 1 km from property line
• Sheeted quartz veins and stringers with pyrite and galena cutting quartz monzonite (grab samples up to 5.36 g/t Au)
• 8 km south – east from Jual Vein Showing (Teck – 2000)
• Trench grades of 1.6 g/t Au over 25 meters including 11.1 g/t Au over 3 meters.
• 1.8 kilometer long Au – As soil anomaly that straddles the metasedimentary and quartz monzonite contact.

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